Thursday, December 1, 2011

We had a really wonderful event last night and we are so grateful to the doctors, volunteers, students, and faculty who made it happen. Here is an email from our hero, Dr. Linda Prine of the Institute for Family Health, summing up:

What an amazing experience we all had tonight, providing birth control for the law students at Fordham!

Here is the summary:

We saw 42 patients, wrote 40 prescriptions for birth control, made 6 appointments for IUDs and gave out our clinic information to many more who may want to switch to an IUD but wanted to think about it some more. All women were thoroughly counseled about all birth control options (thanks Margaux and Tenessa and Ruth and Sarah), were screened for contraindications to estrogen (thanks German and Rachel), had their blood pressures checked (thanks Harika), were registered as free clinic patients (thanks Rosann and Lindsey) and got their prescriptions (Erin and I.) Many condoms were also distributed.

We counteracted lots of misinformation that the students had about birth control, and made many students very happy.

The law students got some good press coverage, including fox news:

You can check out their Facebook page to see all the rest of the press:

The law students were great organizers, many more students came just to be supportive and see what was happening. It was a great event all around!


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