Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Archbishop Dolan comes to Fordham Law

Dolan Slams New Birth Control Policy At Fordham Event -

Dolan's speech at Fordham attacked a so-called culture of death, of abortion and delayed parenthood.

Some in the audience felt his question and answer session avoided uncomfortable subjects.

Student Bridgette Dunlap said some wanted to ask about abortion and same-sex marriage.

"I think it dishonors our law school to say we're going to have an event where we won't take any pointed questions,” said Dunlap.

Fordham said it had nothing to do with the Q&A—that was the job of the question-taker, who declined to speak on camera.

Here's one example of a question apparently too "pointed" for discussion:

You quoted Dr. Martin Luther King at length. Dr. King was a strong supporter of access to contraception and once accepted an award from Planned Parenthood. Do you believe he was promoting the "culture of death" or is birth control something about which reasonable minds can differ?

We'll post the list of prepared questions we submitted later. If you asked a question that was screened out, email it to LSRJ.

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