Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Fordham Observer on whether there is a health exception in practice

Check out Harry Huggins' story in The Observer, Birth Control Policy Questioned:

When asked to provide the number of women prescribed birth control by the Health Center in the last five years, Director of Health Services Kathleen Malara declined to do so, saying that releasing the numbers would be a violation of student privacy. Student Press Law Center Consulting Attorney Mike Hiestand said that Fordham could share this information without violating any privacy laws, but that as a private institution it was not required to do so. 
In their dealings with the Health Center, neither Wolf nor Dunlap believed the nurse practitioners giving the exams were the people responsible for refusing to prescribe birth control. “As far as gynecological exams go, I think students should feel comfortable about going [to the Health Center],” Wolf said. “Everyone that works there was great and very professional.”
The LA Times reported on Fordham students with health issues who were denied treatment on campus as well.  Fordham LSRJ believes birth control is a fundamental part of women's health care, so we don't mean to overemphasize its use in the treatment of health conditions.  However, the fact that the University's statements regarding the Health Center policies are not reflective of the experiences of Fordham students is a serious problem:  in terms of both potential health consequences and what it says about the University's willingness to address the concerns of its students.

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